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Just Curious - 12' IWANA length

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Just Curious - 12' IWANA length

Postby darcy » Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:08 pm

My new 12' Iwana is 11' 8" , TJ's is 11' 6" . How long is yours ?
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Re: Just Curious - 12' IWANA length

Postby Loften » Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:39 pm

I think it just depends on how far you pull out each segment. You can really pull on them and get it to 12' or just enough to have the rod extended and it will be 11'6"
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Re: Just Curious - 12' IWANA length

Postby jayfisher » Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:36 pm


I agree with Loften. 11' 8" sounds like a good length. The length of my Iwana varies depending on how hard I pull out the segments. I try not to pull too hard so that I don't get segments stuck together.

- Jack
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Re: Just Curious - 12' IWANA length

Postby dwalker » Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:47 am

I went though this several months ago with my 3 different models of TUSA rods. The conclusion I came to is that the length of all the different models are usually about 2 or maybe 4 inches shorter than their specified length in centimeters. And that the most accurate specification for the length of the rods is the metric length not the imperial length given as part of the name of the rod model.

iow - most Americans don't think in metric, so they call it the Iwana 12' to make it easy for us to visualize how long the rod will be. ( I've worked with metric measurements for years. But I still think in imperial units of measure. I've just become very adapt at doing conversions between metric and imperial units of measure)

The 12' Iwana is really a 360cm or 3.6 meter rod. Not a 12 ft rod.
360cm = 141.73 inches = 11' 9.73" . Due to slight manufacturing tolerances in outside diameter and inside diameter of the rod sections. And to a lesser extent how tight you pull the sections when extending the rod. The 360cm Iwana will end up being 2" to 3" shorter than the 360cm length.

All the rods will be 2" to 4" shorter than their specified length in metric. Always think of the rods as being the length given in metric. Not the length in imperial units. And then expect them to be a little shorter than that.

12' = 144" = 365cm. 5cm longer than the 360cm specified as the rod's length. And 5cm = 1.96". Thus a rod called a 12' rod for us Americans isn't really a 12' rod, it's really closer to an 11' 10" rod that then looses a few inches more due to manufacturing tolerances. This is mentioned on the gear page, that the rods length will be a bit shorter than the specified length. But use the metric length as its true designed length.

Please don't try to extend your 360cm rod to 12'. You'll only break something.

fwiw - an Iwana 12 that extends to 11' 6" ( 350.52cm) seems like it's 6" shorter than you expected it to be. Its really only about 3" shorter than 360cm. And that is only about 2.6% less in length than the 360cm specified length. Thus at that length your getting 97.4% of the length specified in metric as 360cm. Missing <3% in length is nothing to worry about.
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