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What weights (#wt) are the Tenkara rods considered?

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Re: What weights (#wt) are the Tenkara rods considered?

Postby Markpdx » Wed May 22, 2019 12:00 am

I agree with Randy,
Since the very first day I received my Amago and tried to cast level line into a 10 knot wind, I started using 1-3 wt floating lines in many situations. I immediately took of the traditional lillian and replaced it with a loop attachment for reliable loop-to-loop attachments of any line.
I make my 1-3 wt lines up loop-to-loop for ease of attachment, and in lengths of 13.5', 16', 22', 28', 35', and 40 feet. Anything longer than 16' is for dry fly sight fishing, or fishing on the swing on big water that holds bigger fish. I almost always use a leader equally to the length of my Amago for everything but traditional level line fishing, for better presentation. I also tie up my own multi weight leaders and tippets.
I typically use 4X as the heaviest of any tippet weights.
Casting 30'-40' with a 1-3 wt is easy with my Amago, when desired.
I even have 1-3 wt fly line set up to use the Amago for multi nymph drop shot fishing.
It is a do anything rod and definitely not limited to constrains of tradition.
While I have thrown all kinds of traditional files on my Amago, my preferences has always been numerous Kebari styled flies, all of my tying.

Mark in Portland
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