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Re: BPL Hane with Iwana labeling.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 4:15 pm
by dwalker
Have you tried posting to the BPL forum? Or know someone who is a member who could post the request for you? Asking my draw the attention of someone there with a rod or rod parts to sell.

Here is a link to a post in the Gear Swap section last year.

I may be mistaken but it seems that at one time Titanium Goat made some kind of adaptor that permitted use of the Hane sections with one of the trekking poles they made. I never had a Hane rod but it seems the TG adapter permitted substituting a trekking pole for the Hane handle. Or maybe I am completely mistaken and their rod was completely different. Titanium Goat has now discontinued this and turned their trekking pole and rod biz over to

The cottage industry guys are often able to be more responsive than large companies. If their Clarkii rod is based on the original Hane rod design perhaps they could supply a matching section 7. Or something close for the Frankenrod.

Long shot but maybe worth asking.


Re: BPL Hane with Iwana labeling.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 4:55 pm
by jd_smith
tvdavis wrote:
adventureR wrote:Something I haven't done but surely will do with rod parts when no replacements are available is make a Frankenstein rod. Just to resurrect broken rods. There's examples of this in the Japanese pages. One way or another parts could be added that fit with glue or cutting, even perfectly sized. Could accidentally make a great fishing rod.

I too have a "Frankenrod". This rod has the original lower 4 sections but the upper 3 sections are replacement sections from a different rod and different company. They fit perfectly and make a really nice rod.

I don't know it that could be done with damonmichaels BPL Hane though.

Me three.

I have a fairly old fiberglass tenkara rod and I don't like the tip sections. It's a bit tip heavy and the recovery is not what I want it to be. It fishes up close with short lines well but with longer lines the slow recovery was affecting distance and accuracy. So what I do is to switch out the last two glass tip sections with three slimer carbon fiber tips and the rod becomes a much better tool. A little longer, a little lighter swing weight and much better dampening and recovery. The retrofit adds better distance and accuracy, and the rod still retains it's vintage aesthetics.

mikeywill, I have some ideas for you. If you have multiple rods start swapping out pieces and maybe you'll find a fit. If you do find a fit, contact the dealer and order that piece.

Or contact some rod dealers and ask them if they would help you out with a new part. It's a long shot, but by using TUSA numbering method for sections, if you mic the inside tip of #6 section and the outside of #8 section you might be able to locate a replacement from a completely different rod. You'll have to account for a section overlap of at least 1 1/4" on either end.

An easier method would be to simply mail the rod pieces to one of the dealers and see if they can find a suitable match and then order it for you in place of your #7. It's a long shot I know, but at this point probably your only options other than donating it to TUSA for future customer rebuilds.

Re: BPL Hane with Iwana labeling.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 9:02 pm
by mikeywill
awesome advice. y'all rock. thanks!