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Cleaning Kit

How to properly care and maintain the rod. <b>Rule #1- always push pieces straight in when closing the rod, NO SIDEWAY PRESSURE....</b>, etc.

Cleaning Kit

Postby Expired » Thu Jun 09, 2011 4:19 pm

So I got my 12' Iwana yesterday and noticed some grit when extending it.
I then cleaned all of the sections with a damp washrag and let them dry, then extended it again. Still grit, and it was showing up on the red part of each section. (Residue from the inside of the pieces)

So, I decided to clean the inside of each section. I held each piece up to a blue neon light and looked through it, and there was a tonnnn of residue in them. After cleaning each section I got a nice glossy finish on the inside and could see light reflected all the way up.

Tools needed:
2 foot long metal rod close to 1/16" diam (I use a heliarc welding rod)
Typical thin cotton womens underwear

    Cut underwear into 4 strips
      2" x 2"
      2" x 1"
      1" x 1"
      .5" x .5"

    Main section with handle
      Fold the 2x2 piece in half, then in half once more.
      Fold the 2x1 piece in half (1x1), then in half once more.
      Place the smaller piece on the larger, then hold it to the end of the metal rod.
      Run it through from the top of the piece to the base of the handle. (This way you know it wont get stuck)

    Second section
      Place the 2x1 on the 2x2 and run it through.

    Third section
      Run the 2x2 through on its own.

    Fourth section
      Run the 2x1 through on its own.

    Fifth Section
      Run the 1x1 through on its own.

    Sixth section
      Run the .5x.5 through on its own.

    Seventh, Eighth, and tip (which is solid)
      You won't be able to clean the inside of these with a cloth.
      If it bothers you, I'm sure you can find a compressor and air hose to clean them.

Now you have a cleaning kit set up for the rest of your rods life.
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