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Tenkara Rod Case Sock

What are the other ESSENTIAL pieces of equipment you carry with you? How do you pack? How do you hold your gear while fishing? Fly boxes? Snips? you tell us.

Re: Tenkara Rod Case Sock

Postby grampa » Tue Feb 16, 2010 11:32 am

Wow! Kudos to Daniel and Tenkara USA!

I just got a note from Daniel saying that he had mailed me a new rod sock to replace the one that shredded!

It caught me by surprise, and I am very impressed by the level of service! Thank you, Daniel!

FWIW, I really wasn't upset with what happened to the original rod sock - I've done a fair bit of sewing, and know how easy it is to stitch a little too close to the edge sometimes. I just hadn't gotten around to making a new one yet - too lazy, I guess! this topic just jogged my memory about a job I needed to take care of before the season got started again.

But now, thanks to Daniel's kindness, it's not something I need to worry about at all!

Thank you, Daniel!
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Re: Tenkara Rod Case Sock

Postby jbenenson » Tue Feb 16, 2010 3:17 pm

I put the rod into the supplied faux-velvet sock butt first, then turn it around and insert it into the Tenkara tube tip & plug (and velcro) first. That way the velcro will compress easily around the narrow section and the sock has the least material around the butt. It goes in comes out quite easily from the comfortably snug fit.
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