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Re: DIY Tying tools

PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 7:46 pm
by LudditeJones
When I first started tying (not that long ago), and did not have a vise, I used my hemostats to hold the hook. I then clamped my hemostats in my small table vise. Worked just fine. I almost decided not to buy an actual vise. Use what you have.

Re: DIY Tying tools

PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 2:11 am
by dwalker
If you're an ambitious DIYer or have more time than money, have some manual skills & a few tools. The videos from this YouTube channel are some of the best looking homemade tying tools I've seen. I'm not sure where he is from. I'd guess Indonesia maybe. He post a lot of videos on all types of fishing. Including tenkara flies.

DIY - Fly Fishing - How to make and using a whip finishing tool for lure making (1)

DIY - Fly Fishing - How to Make and Using a Whip Finishing Tool for Lure Making (2)

DIY-Fly Fishing - How to make Materials Bobbin (1)-Tự làm kẹp suốt chỉ buộc mồi giả fly

DIY- Fishing - How to make Fly Tying Materials Bobbin(2) Tự làm Kẹp Cuộn Chỉ buộc mồi giả fly

DIY - How to make Fly Tying Materials Bobbin(3)Làm kẹp cuộn chỉ buộc Fly

Amazing the professional results people can make with a little ingeninuity and careful work.

And just for fun. One of his tenkara kebari tied on an eyeless hook. A little different technique than I normally see.
Fishing - How to Tie Tenkara Flies on Eyeless Hooks(13) - 盲目フックでテンカラ