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Tenugui tips

What are the other ESSENTIAL pieces of equipment you carry with you? How do you pack? How do you hold your gear while fishing? Fly boxes? Snips? you tell us.

Tenugui tips

Postby dwalker » Thu Feb 21, 2019 7:46 pm

As TUSA approaches 10 year milestone they have recently introduced another traditional Japanese item.
The tenugui [手ぬぐい / 手拭]. Hand towel.

Over the last ten years you may have ordered some kind of tenkara gear from another tenkara vendor, and received a tenugui as a bonus gift received included with the product you ordered, but not recognized what it was until TUSA added it their products. I know I and others thought it was just a piece of Japanese print fabric, perhaps left over from making a rod bag.

Tenugui (USA only)

Tenugui are used for more things than just drying your hands on or for wrapping things [furoshiki / 風呂敷 / ふろしき] in as shown on the product page. Headbands or decorative wall hangings are other uses. I believe the Japanese matagi (winter time bear hunters) may have also cooked their rice inside a tenugui, the rice wrapped inside the tenugui, buried in the ground, and the wood fire built above it.

Anyway, tenugui are not hemmed on the ends, which leads to some fraying on the ends. I've read online reviews in which people give the tenugui a poor review because of the fraying. Or they ask if the ends can be hemmed. I think that comes from not understanding proper care of tenugui.

The below video shows the correct traditional way to deal with fraying ends of tenugi .

How to clean up the edge of Tenugui?

Other facets of tenugui - "Tenugui have no rules – they're only limited by their user's imagination.":

I don't think tenugui are frequently used as just a source of fabric. But the next video shows a clever way to make a DIY shopping bag from 2 tenugui. A couple of viewings make the process pretty clear, the language is Japanese.

DIY 形の良いエコバッグ 手ぬぐい2本で TENUGUI remake easy to make
[形の良いエコバッグ 手ぬぐい2本で = good form eco bag from 2 tenugui]

fwiw, ;)

Tenkara is fundamental fishing fun
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