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line twist

line twist

Postby fd.king » Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:26 am

I bought a Daiwa 13ft tenkara rod last year and have been using it with a furled line for dry fly on my local river and have caught some lovely trout. However, no matter what casting technique I use, my line keeps twisting and I have to spend valuable fishing time untwisting the line. The rod has a rotating tip which is supposed to prevent this. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?
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Re: line twist

Postby dwalker » Thu Jan 26, 2017 1:01 am

fd.king wrote:I bought a .. tenkara rod last year and have been using it with a furled line ... no matter what casting technique I use, my line keeps twisting and I have to spend valuable fishing time untwisting the line. .... Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

Hi, fd,
Your question has been up for a couple of days now, I was hoping someone who uses furled lines more than I do, which is almost never, would have a solution for you. But since no one has, here's my 2¢ advice.

First, are you using a TUSA furled line? Or one made by someone else, or a furled line you made yourself?
Secondly, how long is the line you are using?

If it is a TUSA furled line, contact their customer support. TJ or John, or whoever else answers those questions may be able to help you. Or if it is not a TUSA line, contact the other company. Short furled line with a long tippet, or long furled line with a short tippet? Don't know if that would make a difference, but I asked because I do not know what your set up is.

I have not heard of anyone having a furled line twisting problem while tenkara casting.
Only twisting when being wound onto the spool. I did a google search and did not find any links to anyone else having this problem. I usually have good luck finding stuff online.

As I mentioned, I don't use furled line, haven't used one for two or 3 years. So I have little experience. Only nasty twisting of the line after a fly got hooked on a branch, and I had to pull and break the tippet to get it loose. It takes a while to get it to smooth out and be straight again.

The only thing I can think of for you to try is to lay the line out straight, not attached to anything, on a smooth floor so the end of the line can easily twist, and just gently smooth it out several times by just loosely pinching the line between index finger and thumb. Do it a few times more after it appears to be straight, and free of any twisting tension. Maybe a repeating the smoothing out a few times more than it seems necessary will work out any twisting tension in the line that is not apparent is still in the line.

Does your line twist just casting it? And end up as is shown in this video just after Daniel pulled a furled line free from a tree limb snag? If it does that seems really unusual.

Ah, wait - I tried a different google search, for "furled fly fishing line twist while casting"

Maybe this blog post will help. It is a blog post about fishing with a western fly rod, but the original post is about having trouble with his furled line twisting, while casting. You only need to read the first answer.

The #2 post. Wherein he states that if you cast with an oval motion it will put a twist into a furled line. However, I did notice you wrote that you have tried different casting techniques, but since I do not know what they are I thought it worth mentioning this.

{if your casting motion is causing the line twist - I think the Daiwa no tangle tip 「ダイワ・からまん穂先, karaman tip」 does not rotate freely enough to keep up with the twist in the line created by the repeated casting motion, if that is causing the line twist}

He also suggest that perhaps an aerodynamically unstable fly can also cause a furled line to twist.
[Anyway, read post #2, I think the rest of the responses will mostly not be helpful.]

In stead of only relying on the Daiwa karaman tip to prevent tangles, you might try getting a small high quality swivel, attach it between the end of the furled line, and the tippet, or maybe better to put it between the lillian and the top end of the furled line, you would have to figure out the best way to do that, but if the swivel is small I think it would be ok. This will give you two mechanisms to help counter act line twist, if it is being caused by the way you cast. Worth a try. If you don't have a good tackle shop near you, let me know. I might have some small high quality salt water swivels with ball bearings, if I do I can send you a couple. If they're not available in a local shop.

And of course if you find out your cast are oval shaped, you can work on keeping your cast in the same plane, and not oval.

Hope that helps. :)

Oh, look, my 1,000th post, to bad there is no prize for hitting a milestone. ;)
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Re: line twist

Postby fd.king » Thu Jan 26, 2017 3:32 am

Many thanks for the reply. I am UK based and bought the furled line from the Tenkara centre UK. A good suggestion to contact them. I only started Tenkara fishing last summer and as I use a furled leader for western dry fly fishing between my fly line and tippet, I thought I would give it a go. It is an 11 ft leader and I use a further 5 ft tapered leader to the fly. I didn't want to go too long as a starter to the technique. My main casting has been 'bow and arrow', as the small river I fish has a lot of overhanging bushes and trees that I need to get the fly under. This is great as none of the other anglers can get to the fish. In the more open sections I use the normal overhead cast, but I seem to get the problem with both casting methods. On thinking about it, I may get the problem more with the overhead cast so I'll try and straighten up my casting. I did wonder whether it was the twist in the furled leader that was somehow causing this and I've ordered an Airflo 10ft floating polyleader (which I won't need to grease) and I'll give that a go, or I'll try a level line. These should behave more like a standard western fly line and I don't get the line twist using my rod/reel setup using the same flies.
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Re: line twist

Postby tsegelke » Sat Feb 04, 2017 9:43 am

Furled lines by nature do not twist by casting. They are made by twisting individual posts one direction, then twisting the posts together in the opposite direction. This creates a no memory line. The only time they twist up is when pulled to high tension. The result when pulling is the lines start to untwist to straighten out. This is type of shock absorption for the lines and keeps all of the stress off of just one line and spreads it over all of them. Then when the tension is released they twist back. When the tension is released fast, the line will bundle up on itself.

My opinion is that you probably should only have this challenge with that line.

I have never experienced this problem with lines I purchased, nor the ones I made.

I am wondering if you have the same problem with a different furled line. If so, my guess is that one of the two stages of furling was not twisted enough.

Just my experiences.
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