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Needing advice for fishing small streams.

Re: Needing advice for fishing small streams.

Postby TJ @ Tenkara USA » Wed May 07, 2014 10:36 am

AMorgan wrote:
GregM wrote:Do you see fish? If they are not there, you can't hook 'em.

I just don't see them. I've been trying to read up on reading the water to see where the trout would be, but I can't seem to get that down. I cast to where I believe a fish would be according to what I understand from online videos and such, but nothing. Probably something simple I am not reading right :lol: .

Have you seen or heard others catching fishing in the same waters you are not seeing fish at?

Be surprised how well trout and other fish can blemish in with their backgrounds.

If others have caught fish, then just need to figure out what will get the fish a biting.

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Re: Needing advice for fishing small streams.

Postby GregM » Wed May 07, 2014 1:44 pm

AMorgan wrote:I just don't see them...

I'm in Colorado, my spring flood water is murky brown, and I can't see anything. If you are in the same situation it's going to be tough. But...

When the water is clear enough to see the bottom, or at least a couple of feet, scout from the bank (upstream, slow, and stealthy) until you see fish. Stop, kneel down, and watch them. If they are just sitting on the bottom, not moving, they probably won't be interested in a fly. Keep walking and looking until you see some fish at mid-depth, weaving back and forth a bit, maybe up and down a bit, maybe rising and slurping. They are most likely feeding. Keep walking and looking. Spend a couple of hours and a couple of days just getting to know your water. As a rookie (first time fishing ever, 3 years ago) it took me about 3 months before I could start spotting fish with any consistency. They are in there, but casting 3 feet to their left won't cut it.

Next pick a place with fish where the casting is easy, the sun is not throwing your shadow on them, and watch what happens when you throw a fly ahead of them. Keep that short rig tight. Then you'll know if you're missing a set or if you need to change your approach. But until you See a fish ignore your fly you won't know.

If you can hook up with a local for a walk-along it would speed things up. I didn't have a mentor so step-by-step was the only way.

Also, I highly recommend polarized glasses. WallyWorld sells clip-ons for $2. Better ones (brown tint) will serve you well, but those will get you started.

Once you get "sight fishing" down things will fall into place, and then you will be "blind fishing" with confidence.

Keep the questions coming.
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