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Another casting question...

Another casting question...

Postby loafskibum » Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:13 pm

So I have another casting question for you experts out there. This is my first experience with any type of fly fishing so on my back cast should I wait to feel the fly tug on the line before I start to cast forward? I seem to still have trouble with getting a full extension on my cast and wonder if this might be one of the reasons.
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Re: Another casting question...

Postby GregM » Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:30 pm

Yes, not getting a fully extend backcast can lead to a lot of problems.
(Remove your fly, or clip the hook. Or put on a piece of pinch foam.)

As a new fisher you may not be able "feel" the loading of your rod with the line.
So, set yourself up relative to the sun and a optimal background so you can See the line. Don't worry about your forward cast. Every cast starts with the lift, and then the rod stopping hard at 12:00, and the line paying out behind you. Look over your shoulder and watch it. Don't worry about being "crooked". Your line should be behind you and at about 30° above the horizontal, for now.

When the line straightens out do your best at a forward cast, but just get the line ahead of you. If it piles on the ground (you're stopping your forward cast to late and/or to soft), walk backwards until it is "extended" and do your backcast, watching what happens. See how long you can wait until you feel compelled to forward cast.

Next start to notice how Long it takes to extend behind you. THEN as you forward cast try to feel the weight of the line "loading" the rod.

This whole exercise might take you 5 minutes. Don't stress on the details.

Backcast, watch, forward cast. Backcast, watch, wait, forward cast. Backcast, watch, wait, forward cast and watch your rod-tip load. Backcast, wait, forward cast with feeling.

After all that, Zen is your friend.

[No expert here. A relative newbie, in fact. Adjust accordingly.]
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Re: Another casting question...

Postby tsegelke » Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:32 pm

That's pretty good advice for getting started. Especially for practice, don't be afraid to watch the line go behind you. When i straightens out, start your forward cast. You quickly develop a rhythm.
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Re: Another casting question...

Postby dwalker » Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:10 pm

loafskibum wrote:.. on my back cast should I wait to feel the fly tug on the line before I start to cast forward? I seem to still have trouble with getting a full extension on my cast and wonder if this might be one of the reasons.

I never developed a sensitivity to feeling the line load the rod tip on the back cast until I started trying to cast longer lines. Which will have more mass and will also require more time or faster line speed. Anyway, once you develop a sensitivity to feeling the rod tip load due to the line tugging on the rod tip at full extension. You will be able to sense it when casting shorter or lighter line.

Something else to try besides trying to look behind you. With a short line, length of the rod or a little longer, try doing side casting.

You can easily see the line extend on the back cast and the forward cast too. Start the forward cast after full extension of the back cast. Make the forward cast, be sure to have a definite but not too abrupt stop. Watch the line extend forward. Start the back cast, again make a definite stop. Let the line extend. Repeat. Keep the same small casting angle as used with normal overhead casting while doing the side casting. About 60 degrees. Or a little less. If referenced to a clock face. 12 to 1 is 30 degrees. 12 to 2 is 60 degrees. So 45 degrees is 1:30 , the half way angle.

Try to think of the back cast as up and back, not just back. Its sort of a up and back at 45 degrees. Down and forward at 45 degrees. Maybe a little more zip on the back cast than the forward cast.

At least that's what works for me. A self taught tenkara caster with a pocket full of pennies and advice that may be worth the same. ;)

Tenkara is fundamental fishing fun
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Re: Another casting question...

Postby Charlie P. » Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:55 pm

You're never going to feel the fly tug. The line outweighs the fly many times over. Wait until the rod loads from the line and then push it forward (like hammering in a nail . . . gently with these soft action rods).
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