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Animated gifs of kebari presentation

Animated gifs of kebari presentation

Postby dwalker » Sat Dec 01, 2012 9:30 pm

For the challenge of it I often try to read Japanese tenkara fishing technique pages. Many times the translation says something like ' learn to skip the fly'. Usually I figured this was just an odd translation and was never certain of what they were describing.

This evening I found some interesting animated gif images of tenkara fishing techniques. Not sure but I think it it a Taiwan web site, thus the web page is in Chinese, not Japanese. I think, several of the links on the page list tw , which is Taiwan, However, the text is very similar to Japanese so I found it somewhat easy to make a quick guess for the topic.

Anyway. About half way down the page there are several animated gif images that do indeed show techniques of skipping the kebari on the surface of the water, both up stream and down stream. Also there are gif images of casting and an animated gif of how to make furled line using a board set up that I have seen on other web pages before. Unfortunately there are many images to which the links are broken but most of the missing images were just images of rods, lines, and kebari used for tenkara fishing. This i is not surprising since it is an old thread from 2006. fwiw - tenkarausa in linked near the top, so who ever wrote these entries are aware of what goes on here. ;)

Maybe you will find the gif images interesting too. The text about skipping the fly says something about trying to imitate fly hatch.


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Re: Animated gifs of kebari presentation

Postby adventureR » Sun Dec 02, 2012 2:45 pm

The techniques are fun with the long telescoping rods. I find thinking of skipping the fly would be a nice mimick of some bugs the fish would chase after. So far I have found that no one technique seems perfect all the time. The more techniques one can master the better. A nice find D, it's hard for me to discribe some different ways to move the fly. Those pictures make for some good things to try. After just a few posts I've read here on the forum I find I'm rather hungry for some fly fishing!
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