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Walking from place to place without breaking rod down

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Walking from place to place without breaking rod down

Postby Bruceja » Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:02 pm

So my first trip with my Tenkara rod was awesome! Fishless but awesome. One thing I kept finding though is that moving through the woods for small distances left me with my line getting all snagged and wrapped around every little twig. I have a 10' rod so with 10' of line and another 4' of tippet I have a lot of slack if I just hold my fly and walk. I don't want to have to spool up my line everytime I want to to step out of the stream and walk 20 yards to the next spot. Any suggestions?
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Re: Walking from place to place without breaking rod down

Postby Nagasaurus » Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:53 pm

Welcome, glad to hear you enjoyed your first trip.

I too was resistant, at first, to not using the line holder every time I needed to move through a tight spot. I'd try loose coils in my hand, combined with keeping the rod/lien tight like a bow to try and weave through branches, but I'd get tangled half the time anyway.

But with practice the routine will become faster and certainly be faster than entangling the line from trees and bushes if you break a rod trying moving through the brush you'll regret not taking the time to collapse the rod.

To me this is the tradeoff for the awesome drifts you get with a really long rod.
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Re: Walking from place to place without breaking rod down

Postby Adam Trahan » Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:54 pm

My Ito is like 14'+ feet long and I use a 5m level line plus a step down clear had and a meter of tippet. I've got loose coils and a long rod and often where I fish, I'm threading the needle like crazy. I walk with the rod tip forward. I've been doing it for years, a long time now, with long fly rods before that...

You just get used to it.

I coil the line in lose loops in my grip hand and pinch the line agains the rod holding on to the fly there or with my other hand. I don't think about it, I just do it.

Now when I'm walking, if the tip of the rod stops against something, I immediately stop, not even thinking about it, back up and thread it forward.

This is a side skill of tenkara, there are a lot of little things that you just get used to and not think about them anymore.

Another one is looking behind me before I cast. Sometimes, I just know, most of the times that way. But I always look where I can thread the backcast.

Great question, thanks for asking it.
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Re: Walking from place to place without breaking rod down

Postby dwalker » Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:59 pm

I don't do a lot of that sort of thing and I generally fish with a line that is 4 or 5 ft longer than my rod + 3 or 4 ft of tippet.

But one thing you can try that is quick, assuming you are not collapsing the rod at all not even a couple of sections, is to just hold the line near the fly near the top of the grip. Then just twirl the rod tip in a circle, tracing a cone shape in the air. When you stop the motion the excess line will wrap around the rod in three or 4 loops. Less with a line that is only the length of the rod. Then just twirl the rod in the opposite direction after you reach your new fishing spot to unwind it. Easy peasy.

However, with a line that is only the same length of the rod you could also just as easily pull the line taut, holding it at the middle of the grip. The line along the rod will not be hanging in a large loop it will mostly be straight and parallel to the rod and not likely to snag on anything. The excess line length would only be about 4 ft. & could probably be easily held in a couple of large loops or only a few loose loops around your hand and not cause much trouble getting snagged on brush.

The more you fish the sooner you will figure out some line management process that works for you.
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