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First Tenkara Summit Trip Contest submission

On March 11, 2013
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We just received the first submission in response to our video contest for winning a free trip to the 2013 Tenkara Summit.

Matt Shipp did a great job, showing our products (1 point), having a conservation message (1 point) and submitting it EARLY (a great way to get more views, which can add another 6 points). We’re looking forward to seeing more videos submitted. For details on the contest visit: https://www.tenkarausa.com/blog/?p=4604.

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2 Responses to First Tenkara Summit Trip Contest submission

  1. Great job, Matt. I think we may have spoke a couple of times on the phones or at least exchanged emails. Nice to put a face to the name. Hope to see you when I come to Kinni Creek later this month. :)

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks John. I have been working with Kinni Creek to promote tenkara and TUSA products. I’m planning on being around. Looking forward to your visit.

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