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Tenkara is the ideal method for fly-fishing small streams. No reel is used, and to get started in tenkara fly-fishing all you\'ll need is a rod (starting at $140), a line ($19.95), tippet and some flies ($7.50 for 3). 

Extended rod lengths range from 8ft9in to14ft7in rods. They telescope down to a mere 20 inches and all pieces fit inside the handle and remain well-protected. The long rods have significant advantages over short fly rods: keep the fly in place on the other side of a current, make very precise casts to tight spots, and better control the fly for the ultimate presentation. Tenkara lines are formulated for delicate and accurate fly-casting. Our tenkara flies are based on the patterns taught to us by our teachers Dr. Ishigaki, Mr. Amano and Mr. Sakakibara. And, we offer some truly unique tenkara items for your enjoyment, such as t-shirts and hats, and the tenkara nets. To learn more about gear and basic setups you may click on the sections below, or visit About Tenkara, and our Forum.

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