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tenkara on Colorado Public Radio

On May 11, 2017
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Today I had the pleasure to speak about tenkara and my recently released book with Nathan Heffel and Ryan Warner at the Colorado Public Radio (an affiliate of NPR).

As I mention in my segment, I started Tenkara USA with the aim of introducing more people to the joy fly-fishing, and tenkara was a great tool to do that. I was honored the CPR picked up my book and decided to cover tenkara. This introduces a lot of people who may not even be thinking about fly-fishing to our sport, in a simple way.
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2 Responses to tenkara on Colorado Public Radio

  1. Jason Klass says:

    Great interview Daniel! I contacted CPR a couple of years ago asking if they’d be interested in doing a segment on tenkara but never heard back. Glad to see you made it happen. The NPR crowd seems like it would be a receptive audience to tenkara so I hope this turned a few people on to it.

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