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Price: $7.50

This is the only tenkara fly used by Mr. Katsutoshi Amano, a name readily recognized by tenkara practitioners in Japan. Like most tenkara masters in Japan, Mr. Amano sticks with one fly pattern, and his entire box is filled with the same exact fly - same size, same color. This tenkara fly comes alive when underwater, especially if pulsated.

Mr. Amano's favorite way to fish it is to cast slightly upstream and do a 4-count up and down motion following the fly downstream. He fishes it under the surface, and when the fly is pulled up its hackle opens up, when relaxed the hackle closes.

Sold in size 12. Three flies per set.


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  • zself says     5 out of 5 flies
  • Location/type of places I fish: Western North Carolina
  • Tenkara USA has really great supplies and even better customer service.
  • posted January 17, 2014

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