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Tenkara Sakasa Shirt - Blue Tenkara Sakasa Shirt - Blue Tenkara Sakasa Shirt - Blue

Only sizes in the dropdown are available, we won't be adding more of this shirt to inventory to make room for new designs.
For a couple of months Daniel, founder of Tenkara USA, has been experimenting with several shirt designs, designing and printing several for himself. While visiting Japan for a couple of months he took several of these t-shirts and wore them daily. The clear winner in terms of comments was the one of a sakasa kebari(reverse hackle fly), his original design. The fly design seemed to evoke clear emotions in tenkara anglers who readily recognized it, applaud by those who use them, and always brought up questions by non-anglers who wanted to know more about it. A great conversation starter all around.

The sakasa kebari is a hallmark symbol of tenkara. It is the most characteristic tenkara fly, and readily recognizable. The flies themselves are intriguing and start enough conversations on their own right. The design of the fly, a large illustration placed on the back of the t-shirts, in a way symbolizes what tenkara stands for. It stands as the antithesis of western fly-fishing, with a reduced need for gear, a rejection of some of the long accepted thoughts.

The shirt states, "one fly is all you really need!".

COLOR: Light Blue

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  • Lightworker says     5 out of 5 flies
  • Perfect shirt for a one fly guy
  • Location/type of places I fish: Sierra's
  • Nice print on a nice color would were it everyday but then the green one I ordered would get jelous.
  • posted May 01, 2012

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