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Tangles and Snags

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October 28, 2015

Tangles and snags can be one of the most frustrating aspects of fly-fishing. With experience we get fewer of them, but there are also things we can do to prevent tangles and snags from happening. And, when they do happen, there are things we can do to get rid of them quickly.
In this episode Daniel Galhardo discusses his observations on preventing and getting rid of tangles and snags. These techniques are applicable to tenkara as well as a rod and reel.

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4 Responses to Tangles and Snags

  1. Richard says:

    I have a tendency to revert back to western techniques, not that they are better, but I guess out of frustration….Focusing on my presentation and staying true to the one fly approach,

    Patience is a virtue not easily acquired, but I’m working on it..

    Thanks for all the insite

  2. Roger says:

    I am 71 years to fly fishing with a Tenkarta fly rod….I bought a Dragon Tail Shadow Fire 360…& set up ..LevelLine..4x leader
    I am just learning how to cast…I am in the grass for now….you answered my problem with snag on rod tip…I have been pausing to
    long…..I start my cast at 12 o’clock try to stop with abrupt at 10 o’clock as to load the rod & shoot the line forward…..I think I need to
    be quick on the cast like to snap it forward..not hard…arm is at my side……Lot more practice..practice….

    Only water close to me is a city pond with pan fish….I may have to try some popper’s at a later point

    Thank you for your podcast on Snags

  3. Anthony Orona says:

    This episode of the Tenkara Cast is one of the best, I’ve listened to it at least six times through. I’ve got to say that I particularly enjoy these longer episodes, with lots of general Tenkara instruction as well as Daniel’s personal experience. I like his approach of preventing snags first and foremost. The explanation on the (rod tip snags), was particularly crucial my personal experiences. I’ve spent many days on the water, teaching friends and family members how to fish with a Tenkara rod. One of the most frustrating elements of my casting instruction has been observing the line getting caught on the learner’s rod tip during a cast and having no idea as to why this was happening to them. Now I’ve got a better handle on how to remedy these casting snags and thanks to the “tip of the day”, hours of frustration have been easily avoided during these past two months! All that to say, the information shared on this particular episode is extremely valuable for any Tenkara angler.

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