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Questions and Answers

On November 2, 2014 • Comments (26)

Tenkara FAQ questions and answerPlease ask any questions you may have about tenkara. It doesn’t matter if it’s been answered before, if you’re not easily finding it, I’ll be happy to answer it here. Ask away!
Of course, feel free to continue calling us at 888.483.6527 or emailing us at

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Tenkara Fly Tying Video Series: Dr. Ishigaki and Daniel Galhardo

On January 20, 2015 • Comments (2)

In today’s Tenkara Fly-Tying Video Series, we bring to you a quick video of Dr. Ishigaki and I sitting down to tie a couple of flies together and to talk a little bit about our approach to fly-tying.

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Women love tenkara

On January 14, 2015 • Comments (1)

It is no secret that women love tenkara. Over the weekend the Fly Fishing Show had its first Women’s Fly-Fishing Showcase in Denver. It featured a presentation on tenkara given by Sasha Barajas and Allie Marriott, and we got a chance to speak to Judy Cole, a tenkara angler from Leadville, Colorado.

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Tenkara Fly Tying Video: the Royal Conrad

On January 13, 2015 • Comments (0)

In 3 minutes tenkara guide, and McGuckin’s tenkara guru, Steve Conrad will show you how to tie a very effective tenkara fly, the Royal Conrad.
If you want to meet Steve, he will be at ISE in Denver this Friday.

This video is part of our Tenkara Fly Tying Video Series, with a new video coming out every Tuesday to show you how to tie a tenkara fly.

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Tenkara Fly-Tying Video with Malcolm Daly

On January 6, 2015 • Comments (0)

In this week’s Tenkara Fly Tying Video we bring you renowned rock climber, and tenkara aficionado, Malcolm Daly. The lesson here, watch out for that super glue!

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Tenkara Fly-Tying Video with Graham Moran

On December 31, 2014 • Comments (1)

In this week’s Tenkara Fly-Tying Video, we feature Graham Moran, the blogger behind The Tenkara Fly-Tying Video Series features a new video of a tenkara fly being tied every week. Watch all videos here.
Happy New Year everyone!

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2015 Tenkara Magazine

On December 24, 2014 • Comments (1)

The much anticipated 2015 Tenkara Magazine has arrived!

The second annual issue of the Tenkara Magazine has an incredible lineup of stories, how-to articles, and tenkara photography. This high-quality print publication is intended to continue sharing the tenkara story and features pieces submitted by the tenkara community and curated by the Tenkara Publishing team. And, yes, this issue also has larger font size!

2015 Tenkara Magazine



A digital version will be made available in February/March of 2015.


Catch And Release, By Jack E. Williams
Tenkara+ Bouldering, By Daniel Pierce
Mid-River Boulders, By John Geer
Encountering Yuzo Sebata, By Daniel Galhardo
Interview With Yuzo Sebata, By Adam Trahan
First Summer Of Tenkara, By Hannah Williams
Purple Fly, By Michael Agneta
Cooking Trout On A Campfire, By Daniel Galhardo
Grand Slam, By Jen Kugler Hansen
Tenkara+ Saltwater, By Chris Kuhlow
Tenkara And Dry Fly, By Mark Cole
Hemming The Seam, By Tj Ferreira
Tenkara Underwater, By Ralph Cutter
Thinking Outside The Fly Box, By Jason Klass
A Weekend Hike, By Jourdan Arenson
Tribes Of Itoshiro, By Paul Gaskell
Visiting Japan, By Rebecca Milner
The Tenkara Flower, By Daniel Galhardo
Discovering The Fish Of Japan, By John Pearson
Tenkara Journeys, By Dave Southall
Incidents With Tenkara, By Dave Hughes
Fly-Fishing The Enchantments, By Daniel Silverberg
Fish Tales From Wales, By Dyfan Morris
Plus: The Basics Of Tenkara And Tenkara Summit

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Tenkara Fly-Tying Video: Allison Marriott ties a tenkara fly

On December 23, 2014 • Comments (1)

Allison Marriott is a fly-fishing guide and fly-tying instructor in the Boulder, Colorado area, working for Rocky Mountain Anglers fly shop. As part of our Tenkara Fly-Tying Video Series, where every week we show you a new video on tenkara fly tying patterns, today Allie shows you how to tie a tenkara fly. In a couple of weeks she will also be participating at Women’s Showcase in the Denver Fly-Fishing show talking about tenkara.

Meet Allie in Denver on January 10th, 2015 at the Women’s Fly Fishing Showcase
Women's Fly Fishing Showcase Denver

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Quick Guide to Tenkara – Tenkara net making: connecting the mesh bag to net frame

On December 22, 2014 • Comments (0)

A good friend of mine decided to give her dad a tenkara net (also known as a “tamo“) for Christmas. She’s been working on the branch frame for a few weeks and now it is time for connecting the mesh bag to the net frame. Yesterday she asked me for help with it but we couldn’t meet up. While I had put together this video years ago, I had since learned a better way of connecting the mesh bag to the tenkara net frame. And then I remembered I had some great footage from when I spent time with the famous tenkara net maker Yukihiro Yoshimura and his daughter learning the techniques for tenkara net making. So, I quickly compiled the most relevant shots of the steps needed in connecting the mesh bag to net frame. If you’re finding yourself at the point of connecting a mesh bag to your beautiful tenkara net frame, I hope this video will be of help. I also intend on putting together a number of “Quick Guide to Tenkara” videos in the coming weeks.


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Blood Knot, the film

On December 18, 2014 • Comments (0)

In 2013, we were pitched the idea of sponsoring a film about two brothers who absolutely love fly-fishing. The story would be centered on the Trow brothers, who own and run the Mossy Creek Fly-Fishing shop in Virginia. I have gotten to know those guys well, Brian and Colby are some of the early adopters of tenkara, were one of the first shops to offer our products and also helped host the 3rd Tenkara Summit. I knew they would be a great presence in a film, and in their waters there would be great opportunities to capture some awesome tenkara footage in the streams of the Smoky Mountains. So, we sponsored Blood Knot.  The film was accepted into several film festivals, and deservingly won accolades from all of them, including “Film of the Year” award by Drake Magazine. Enjoy the clip below (can you spot tenkara?),  and pre-order a DVD or rent it on Vimeo if you want to see one of the best fly-fishing films ever (with plenty of tenkara footage), and keep an eye out for the digital versions coming soon.

Rent on Vimeo
Coming to iTunes and fly shops near you in early 2015.

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Tenkara Fly-Tying Video Series: John Geer fly tying without a vise

On December 16, 2014 • Comments (0)

In today’s weekly video for our Tenkara Fly-Tying Video Series, John Geer shows some fly tying without a vise. This video goes very well with our newly released “No tools Tenkara Fly-Tying kits” which have been incredibly popular.


If you like the video above, you may also want to check out the video of Mr. Amano tying flies without a vise.

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