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April 07 2013

Took our limit today

Just returned from a good fishing trip with Denver Dobbins, Karel Lansky and Graham Moran. A terrific day on the water. We took home our limit, as seen on the beautiful stringer above.

Below you can see my best catch of the day, a golden something. It almost filled the entire tenkara net. And, yes, that was caught on my “one” tenkara fly too.

The fishing started a bit slow this morning. It was very tough figuring out what they were taking. They were rising everywhere, but despite our best efforts, we just couldn’t get them to take in the beginning.

And, then we decided to move upstream a ways, maybe about 2 miles. And, the fishing got very active. We all hooked some nice ones today. Below is my speckled powerade, caught right by the shore using the Ishigaki kebari tenkara fly and a “stopping” on the surface technique (essentially just dragging on the surface).

Catch of the day with a tenkara rod

The full bounty of the day included: a full makeup kit, a wheel cover, a fully working and charged Garmin GPS , dozens of bottles and cans, and even a large cooler to fit it all and take it all home.

Loaded with goodies caught on tenkara

We decided to celebrate the wonderful day, and our bounty, by stopping at a beer garden in Golden.

Don’t forget: since with tenkara we can carry less stuff with us for fishing, take advantage of the extra capacity you have to carry more out with you.  Everyday is “carry more stuff day”.




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