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October 20 2012

Tenkara Virginia – clinic with Mossy Creek

Had a wonderful day with Mossy Creek Fly Fishing. Greatly enjoyed the audience who attended the presentation. Did a clinic with a small group, everyone caught some nice fish in a spring creek using tenkara flies and tenkara techniques that I covered with them. Tom Sadler had his rod’s lillian attacked by a fish (while holding the rod tip in the water to keep his fly deeper a large fish came up and bit it!!!).

Am pretty beat. Am going to bed. Will share more tomorrow. Some pictures for now.

This is Tom Sadler, the Tenkara Guide in this area, with his cool ride.

Tom Sadler, the Tenkara Guide

One of the clinic participants, Chuck, showed up “Green Style” in his bicycle, which he rode for 15 miles from the shop to the stream. Very cool, and taking full advantage of the portability of the rod.

Tenkara angler on bicycle

One of the nicer fish of the day with the tenkara fly. The first thing I asked was that people started by using the tenkara flies I gave them. They worked!!!

Large rainbow trout with tenkara fly

Tenkara fisherman in Virginia

Caught a couple of these guys today. These are a minnow known as “Fall Fish”:

Fall Fish minnow on Tenkara

Tenkara fisherman playing a good fish

Here’s a good shot of the stream, Mossy Creek, with beautiful Fall colors

Tenkara at Mossy Creek Virginia

Tom Sadler plays a very nice fish at the end of the day. This one was right after a large fish bit his rod’s lillian and after he lost a large fish right before landing it:

Tenkara angler fighting a fish

Tenkara angler with brown trout




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